CellSecure Interactive Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd designs and manufactures wired and wireless GSM products for security, telemetry and other specialised industries. The company also has distribution rights for a range of leading edge speciality products.

The factory, in Pretoria, produces and services ICASA and SABS-certified GSM security, telemetry, and speciality products. CellSecure is one of a few South African companies who manufacture security-related products. All of CellSecure’s products are developed by the Research and Development team, in line with changing client needs.

The workshop facility offers product repair and maintenance services by highly skilled technicians. The on-site training academy, ensures that the technicians are kept abreast of changing trends in the market.

CellSecure also offer sales, technical support and distribution services to local and international markets.

CellSecure is a company geared towards the social uplifting of Previously disadvantaged groups in South Africa and therefore, regularly partakes in Community Social Investment programmes.


The factory is situated in Pretoria Gauteng, South-Africa. Through innovative design, continual research and development, the company has become a well respected and leading force for GSM security, telemetry and specialty products with associated peripherals.

There is a national team of highly qualified and experienced technical installers who are managed by a Technical Director. With a national footprint across South Africa, there are technical installers in all of the major areas which enable them to do installations, maintenance and repairs in a time efficient manner.

Training is done at the CIMS Factory in Jan Niemand Park, Pretoria by a senior Technician who has vast experience in all products and the maintenance and installation thereof.