CURA offers a software based, business intelligence tool that interrogates real time data and flags anomalies, based on pre-set algorithms and self-learning Artificial Intelligence. This solution is complemented by a video verification and video auditing service that is unique in the world. The company has been creating work for the hearing-impaired and disabled since 2000. CURA is built on revolutionary world-first technologies as a platform, which supply decision-based information to dedicated management representatives, resulting in a complete solution we refer to as:


In order to achieve a results-driven solution, CURA, has spent the last 18 years developing specialised technologies and services that address the challenges and weaknesses found within the South African FMCG market. Shrinkage is a mammoth financial risk that retailers face today. Unlike armed robberies and break-ins that are covered by in-store and out-store insurance, no insurance exists for shrinkage.

Shrinkage cannot be eradicated!
This Shrinkage Management System has ensured substantial savings.
Shrinkage drops from; 1% to 3% down to; 0.3% to 0.5%.

Technological integration is required at each point where human intervention exists in the primary retail systems.

The Analysis
The system is intelligent. It starts “teaching” itself from the moment it is installed about what the average sales per line item are within the retail environment. The result is a measurement tool easily used to follow patterns for when too many inexpensive line items or too few expensive line items are sold.
The Rules Module
This module allows the retailer to define rules for what is acceptable. This module allows an exception-based approach, to eliminate getting bogged down with irrelevant data. Only rules that have been broken need attention.
The Reporting Module
The reporting module’s task is to disseminate the information in an easy to interpret report, for timely and accurate information.
Video Auditing
This forms a major component of the Shrinkage Management System. The output is a detailed report as well as video footage, providing critical information of each and every event of pilfering or misconduct by personnel and/or non-compliance to SOP’s. Cura also offers live, off-site monitoring.

The Remote Diagnostic Module is able to provide information pertaining to the state of the system, interfaces, cameras and recording devices. The Operational efficiency of the entire system can therefore be monitored – optimising uptime, minimising system failures and, most importantly, loss of data does not occur.